S568+ descendants of Conn of Hundred Battles brother

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Re: S568+ descendants of Conn of Hundred Battles brother

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IDK what the relationship between the genealogies and the Y-Haplotree is above R1b-DF104. The Dál Cuinn are a self contained dynastic group which makes it easy to see discrepancies.

But it absolutely is NOT the same logic that the Dál Cuinn and the Fothairt are descend from two sons of Feidlimid Rechtmar due to their interconnected Y-DNA results. You are still aiming at Eóchád Find, the purported brother of Conn Cétchathach, and again, the time frame is ALL wrong based on the crude clade formation estimates. I have already stated the timing issue as clearly as I can and I am not going to say anything further, without more data.
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