Crichaireacht Cinedach Nduchasa Muinteri Murcháda

(Territories Of The Hereditary Proprietors Of Muinter Murcháda)
Excerpted from the 1846 AD edition of James Hardiman’s annotated and expanded translation of Roderic O’Flaherty’s A Chorographical Description Of West Or H-Iar Connaught, originally written in 1684 AD.
Muinter Murchada Tract In Gaelic
Territories of the hereditary proprietors of Muinter Murchada of Clanfergail, and Meadruidhe, and Hy-Briuin Seola, and Hy-Briuin ratha, and Muinter Fahy; their chieftains, and Mac Oglachs, and Ollaves.

O’Halloran is the chief of the twenty-four ballys [townlands] of Clanfergail; and of these are O’Antuile and O’Fergus of Roscam.

Mac Cingamain and Mac Catharnaigh are the two taoiseachs of Maary, having their own tribe subject to them.

O’Dathlaoich is the taiseach of the fourteen ballys of the Hy-Briuin ratha; and of these are the O’Kennedies, and the O’Duinns, and the O’Innogs of Cnoc-tuadh, and O’Laighin of Lackagh, and O’Callanan, comharba of Killcahill.

O’Canavan, medical ollamh of O’Flaherty, in Tuath na d-Toibrineadh, but others say that O’Laighidh [O’Lee].

The chiefs of Hy-Briuin-Seola, with their correlatives, are O’Fechin, O’Balbhain, O’Duff, and O’Madudhain.

Mac Gilla Gannain of Moyleaslainn is master of the horse of O’Flaherty.

The O’Colgans of Bally-Colgan are the standard-bearers of O’Flaherty.

Mac Cinnain is the comharba of Kilcoona.

O’Maelampaill of Donaghpatrick is the brehon [judge] of O’Flaherty.

O’Cleircin of Rathbuidhbh, O’Laebacain, and O’Maoilin are the Erenachs of Cill-Cillbile.

The O’Dubhans [O’Duanes] of Cluain-ai are the attendants of O’Flaherty at his common house.

The O’Meallaighs of Kilnamanagh and of Kill na Cailan are the chiefs of Bogogi, with their correlatives.

O’Doregan, and O’Caitheasaigh, from Beitheach [Beagh], with their correlatives.

O’Haingli of Derry Aingli with his bally.

Mac Beolan, of Killower, is the keeper of the black bell of St. Patrick, with his bally.

O’Doigin and O’Dubhain are the Erenachs of Killursa, with their bally (and St. Fursa cursed O’Dubhain).

The Mac Kilkellys are the ollamhs of O’Flaherty in history and poetry; and for this they have three half ballys, which are Ceann-droma, Athacind, and Cathair-na-hailigli in Ceneal m-buithin.

O’Domhnaill of Ardratha is the master of the feast of O’Flaherty, with his own correlatives under him, viz., O’Daigean of Ard-Fintain, who was O’Domhnaill’s reachtaire [steward].

And O’Chichearan of Lis-chicheran, and O’Conlachtna of Bally-conlachtna are the keepers of the bees of O’Flaherty ..... in Eochaill and Bally-conlachtna.

And O’Chodil of Bally-codil, O’Maelmuine of Ballymaelmuine; and from Ath mic Cinn to the lake their country extends.

O’Leathcargais is the Erenach of Rathhindile, and he has the tithes of O’Flaherty.

O’Murgaile of Muinne-in-radain is the Ardrachtaire of O’Flaherty.

O’Maelbindi of the termon has Bally-Colu.

O’Duach and O’Dagda of the Drums.

O’Faharty is chief of the fourteen townlands of Muinter-Fahy, with their correlatives under them.